Don’t put away the factor 50 just yet, the 2018 Irish heatwave may not be over.

It doesn’t take much for an Irish person to start complaining about the heat but really, the country has put up with some pretty unprecedented temperatures so far in 2018. We may have begun to believe the Irish heatwave was over with the rain that came last week but it seems that there might be a few barbeques and trips to the beach left in the Irish summer yet.

The Irish weather service Met Éireann is predicting that the heatwave in Ireland may return as early as this weekend, although temperatures may not rise to the historic levels we’ve seen throughout the last month.

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It's another beautiful Irish #heatwave day and the sun is beaming through the blinds in the #LongRoom.

— The Book of Kells (@BookOfKellsTCD) June 29, 2018

While the rest of the week will continue to be cloudy and rainy, the sun will shine through just in time for the weekend with temperatures getting as high as 80℉ (27℃). This may not seem so severe to our friends in the rest of the world but trust us, by Irish standards, it’s high.

The current outlook for the weekend reads: “Generally warm and probably humid. Cloudy with patchy light rain on Saturday. Drier on Sunday with sunny spells in east and south.

“Top temperatures 18 to 23 degrees on Saturday. Warmer in the east and southeast on Sunday with temperatures into the mid-twenties in prolonged sunny breaks.”

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The view from HQ as the rain clears Dublin

— Met Éireann (@MetEireann) July 15, 2018

The extended good weather doesn’t spell good news for the Irish water supply with restrictions already in place and set to continue if we don’t get a good dose of rain soon.

Irish people when anyone asks how they're coping with the heatwave

— Ciaraíoch (@Ciaraioch) July 4, 2018

At least we get to continue complaining about the weather for a little bit longer.

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