Our good old friend rain is back, lads, and people across Ireland are overjoyed to finally see some relief to the heatwave.

So far, according to The Irish Mirror, rain has fallen in several places across the country this morning. Met Eireann noted that there could be intermittent rain in the northern parts of the country, but we have already seen light rain in parts of Counties Louth and Dublin.

The rain has returned to some parts of Ireland (Pic: Met Éireann) https://t.co/kOVl4iporA pic.twitter.com/UPWX0FkykM

— TheJournal.ie (@thejournal_ie) July 11, 2018

While we usually complain about the rain on a daily basis or talk about how miserable the weather is at any given moment, it is safe to say that Irish people everywhere are thrilled they might not have to look like burnt lobsters anymore.

People have taken to social media to express how thankful they are for the change in weather.

One user wrote: “I’ve just felt a drop of rain from the sky, yes rain! The first apparently since June 20th.”

Another user said: “Never thought I’d be happy to see the rain in Ireland! Well, it’s a drizzle at the minute but every little helps!”

Never thought I'd be happy to see the rain in Ireland! Well, it's a drizzle at the minute but every little helps! #irishsummer #weatherupdate

— IPA Group (Eng) (@IPAGroupEn) July 11, 2018

Some had forgotten we have ever had rain in Ireland in the first place though.

“Rain in Ireland, who would have thunk it,” one man wrote.

'Looks like rain Ted' Please be careful on our roads especially in Leinster as it has started to rain heavily, roads may be slick after the long spell of dry weather. Drive to weather conditions. pic.twitter.com/8zGmueGWx2

— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) July 11, 2018

While the country is delighted for the change in weather, the Gardai (Police) have issued a warning to drivers to take extra precautions on the roads since the roads may be slippery due to extended periods of dryness.

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