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If a week is a long time in politics, try 30 years. That's how long the bitter feud between veteran Irish broadcaster Vincent Browne and Enda Kenny has been marinating.

Kenny's first tongue lashing from Browne occurred back in the early 1980's when the pull-no-punches Irish journalist said the Fine Gael leader "purports" to be a TD (Irish government minister).

It was a remark was was hardly likely to win Kenny's friendship.

Then, on the road to the January 1982 General Election,  Browne appeared on the national television station RTE  where he singled out Kenny for his apparent lack of leadership.

But Kenny launched a counter attack a year later during a debate in the Irish parliament in February 1983.

Said Kenny: "I remember having the doubtful fortune of appearing on a well-known television program where a well-known journalist (Browne) said of me: 'This guy purports to be a deputy, but he did not even speak in that Dail (parliament)."

"That Dail only lasted for a short time, but the journalist was right, I did not speak in this fashion in the chamber during that Dail. The number of people who commented on that fact was unbelievable."

"I thank the journalist for pointing this out in his own way. Indeed, I go further and remind him of my invitation to a week of travel around a rural constituency to see how TDs live and operate, which challenge has not yet been accepted."

Read more: Suicide row continues to dominate Irish election agenda