An arrest warrant has been issued for a Derry woman who coughed over passengers and aircrew on a flight at Belfast International Airport last October after she failed to appear at court. 

Sarah McGuire was due to appear before Antrim Magistrate's Court for sentencing last Tuesday after she admitted to coughing over crew and passengers on an Edinburgh-bound EasyJet flight on Sunday, October 18, 2020. 

McGuire's solicitor Don Mahoney told the court that he had been unable to reach his client despite several attempts to call her. 

The 39-year-old's sentencing was deferred six months ago by District Judge Nigel Broderick on the condition that McGuire engaged with probation and did not re-offend. 

However, the Antrim Magistrate's Court heard that McGuire did not engage with probation, turning up "under the influence of alcohol" for one appointment and arriving late for another. 

McGuire was arrested at Belfast International Airport after she "lost her cool" when asked to wear a mask on the Edinburgh-bound flight. 

A video of the incident showed McGuire fake coughing on passengers and ground staff as she was led off the aircraft while shouting "everybody dies". 

At an earlier trial in March, McGuire pleaded guilty to charges of common assault and behaving in a threatening, abusive, or insulting manner towards a member of the aircraft crew. She also pleaded guilty to refusing to obey the lawful command of an aircraft commander. 

A prosecuting lawyer outlined in March how police were called to Belfast International Airport after McGuire was ejected from the aircraft by ground staff. 

McGuire was arrested inside the terminal building and "became violent" with the police. 

The court heard that she continued to "shout and swear" at arresting officers even when she was put on the ground and handcuffed. 

Her defense counsel Sean Doherty lodged a plea of mitigation at the trial, stating that his client felt "ashamed and embarrassed by her behavior" and adding that she was suffering from the tragic loss of her young son in a road traffic collision. 

"This behavior does have a context," Doherty told the court. 

In the most recent hearing, District Judge Nigel Broderick said that he was issuing a warrant for McGuire's arrest after she failed to appear at court.