It's almost St. Patrick's Day! Are you ready? IrishCentral wants to share your St. Patrick's Day news with the global Irish community.

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated all over the world and this year IrishCentral wants to hear all about your plans - via our contributor's network IrishCentral Storytellers and our St. Patrick's Day Celebrations 2020 Facebook group. From Toyka to Monserat and from West Cork to Boston we want to get in on the action and hear all about your community's St. Patrick's Day. 

Perhaps you have an annual celebration for St. Patrick's Day that you think is particularly special? Maybe your community is doing something extraordinary for charity this St. Patrick's Day and would like a helping hand from the Irish diaspora? Or do you have a particular interest in Irish history or Irish food, something you want to share with IrishCentral? 

We want to hear from you. 

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All we ask is that each story is over 300 words long and you have permission to use all images submitted. Then our Editorial Team will take a quick look before publishing your story on IrishCentral.

IrishCentral's St. Patrick's Day Celebrations 2020 Facebook group - be part of the conversation

Do you have some great photos to share from previous St. Patrick's Day festivities? Perhaps you'd like to ask our community advice or for some ideas for your 2020 St. Patrick's Day? Or perhaps you'd just like to chat about all things Irish and your love for March 17! Join our Facebook community and be part of the conversation. 

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For now, stay up-to-date on all things St. Patrick's Day at IrishCentral here.

* Originally published on Feb 4, 2020.