Irish footballer Anthony Forde has revealed how Ryan Reynolds offered his support after the Wrexham defender's wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Forde, a native of Co Limerick, revealed during an episode of "Welcome to Wrexham" that Reynolds, who co-owns Wrexham AFC with Hollywood star Rob McElhenney, personally got in touch after Forde's wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor midway through the 2022/23 season, not long after giving birth.

"I'm always motivated to do my best, but when you've got owners that are such good people, it does make it that extra bit more that you want to give," Forde said in the 14th episode of the Disney+ docuseries.

Forde said in the episode that his wife Laura, who pushed her doctors when she felt something wasn't right, was diagnosed with a brain tumor after an MRI.

"The gaffer told the owners and stuff why I wasn't involved and stuff," Forde said on the show.

"They heard the news and they reached out. Ryan helped get a second opinion."

The episode shows the Fordes chatting with Reynolds on the Wrexham pitch, with Reynolds warmly asking them how they're doing.

Forde continued: "We've sent some stuff to get a second opinion, which, again, if I didn't know him and it's something that he doesn't have to do - do you know what I mean?

"He doesn't have to do that."

Forde said he and his wife had recently received full results which, thankfully, showed "the best case scenario from what we were first told, which was excellent news."

Laura admitted it was a bit hard to process since it went from the worst news possible to the best news possible in the space of a few weeks.

"Obviously it's amazing," she said, "but in terms of just mentally, being able to process it for me I found it a little bit challenging but we're getting there."

Forde returned to training after six weeks away after he was told that getting back into a routine would be the couple's best option, which Laura agreed with.

After being away, Forde lined out during Wrexham's "must-win" game against Yeovil where he thrillingly scored the opening goal of the match.

"And Anthony Forde, who's had a challenging time off the field in recent weeks, responds quite brilliantly on it," the announcer said after Forde's goal.

In the episode, Humphrey Ker, Wrexham AFC executive director and consulting producer of the docuseries, said: "This outpouring of love and affection for him just made it like so, so special.

"I think that is probably my favorite goal of the season."

Ker added: "It may not always be obvious but for all the financial concerns around a club, and the sponsorship deals and commercials, the payoff is ultimately what you see on the pitch.

"It's all crystallized in  moments like the one Anthony Forde gave us today against Yeovil."

Ker said Forde was a "key signing" for Wrexham.

"He and his family have persevered through so much adversity in the past few months, and now he's propelled us to within one single win of winning the league and automatic promotion out of this division."

Wrexham ultimately won 3-0 over Yeovil which helped secure the club a place in the English Football League for the first time in 15 years. 

After the match, Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson singled out Forde for his excellent performance, describing it as "brilliant."

"I don't like singling people out but today in 90 minutes, having not played for so long, f-----g everything you've been through.

"Fordie, you're tremendous. So keen. You got your goal, mate. You f-----g deserved it. You really did."

Forde moved to Wrexham from Oxford United during the summer transfer window in 2022 and has made 32 league appearances for the club, scoring four goals. 

Wrexham has signed a number of Irish players since being taken over by Reynolds and McElhenney in 2021, including James McClean, Eoghan O'Connell, Thomas O'Connor, and Luke McNicholas.