Caio Benicio, the heroic delivery driver who helped stop the horrific knife attack in Dublin on November 23, says that he'll be back in Ireland "soon."

Benicio, 43, has traveled to Brazil to visit his wife, Clara Biscaia, and children, Lara and Breno, after a GoFundMe set up in his name raised nearly €370,000. 

Benicio reunited with his family at Rio de Janeiro/ Galeão–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport but has revealed plans to return to Ireland in late January or February. 

"After a bunch of things happened, I came to get some strength from being with them—my family. Love you all!" Benicio posted on Instagram on December 15.

He added:" And, big thanks to the Irish folks 🇮🇪. I'll be back soon."

Benicio previously told the Irish Daily Mail that he had booked a one-way ticket to his native Brazil but added that he planned to return to Ireland in the New Year. 

Benicio has emerged as one of the quick-acting heroes from the Dublin knife attack on November 23, along with Alan Loren-Guille and Warren Donohoe.

An Garda Síochána said that a serious assault occurred on Parnell Square East in Dublin's City Centre shortly after 1:30 pm on Thursday, November 23.

The incident occurred near Gaelscoil Colaiste Mhuire.

Three children and a carer from the school, Leanne Flynn, were hospitalized after the attack; the six-year-old girl and the five-year-old boy have since been discharged.

On December 9, the family of the five-year-old girl who remains hospitalized said she is "still fighting" and that they hope to see her moved out of PICU soon. Flynn, meanwhile, has reportedly been moved out of intensive care. 

An adult male in his 50s, who An Garda Síochána previously said was a "person of interest in this investigation," was also hospitalized and is understood to still be in hospital.

Benicio was riding his motorbike on Parnell Square when he saw a man with a knife attacking young children outside the school.

The Deliveroo driver said he dismounted his bike, took off his helmet, and hit the man with it, causing him to fall to the ground and drop the knife. 

Benicio told The Journal on the night of the attack that he acted on "pure instinct" and didn't even think about intervening in the attack. 

"I have two kids myself, so I had to do something," he said.

"I did what anyone would do. People were there but they couldn’t step in because he was armed, but I knew I could use my helmet as a weapon." 

Benicio later said he has met with the family of the young girl and that he intends to support them with the funds from his GoFundMe, which he collected (along with a pint) on December 6.