Caio Benicio, the delivery driver who intervened in the November 23 knife attack on Dublin’s Parnell Street, raised a pint with members of the GoFundMe team at The Ferryman Pub in Dublin on Wednesday, December 6.

Benicio's bravery, as well as the remarkable response to the "Buy Caio Benicio a Pint" page, were celebrated by GoFundMe workers.

The GoFundMe, launched by Paul Darcy in the aftermath of the Dublin knife attack, has gone viral, exceeding €368k in donations as of Wednesday night, making it the crowdfunding platform's second most successful campaign this year.

GoFundMe has created a hub for seven verified fundraisers that were launched after the knife attack and subsequent riot on November 23 in Dublin.

December 6, 2023: Caio Benicio with members of the GoFundMe team at The Ferryman. (Marc O'Sullivan)

December 6, 2023: Caio Benicio with members of the GoFundMe team at The Ferryman. (Marc O'Sullivan)

On November 23, An Garda Síochána said that a serious assault occurred on Parnell Square East in Dublin's City Centre shortly after 1:30 pm that afternoon.

The incident occurred near Gaelscoil Choláiste Mhuire.

Three children and a carer from the school, Leanne Flynn, were hospitalized after the attack; the six-year-old girl and the five-year-old boy have since been discharged.

Flynn is reportedly out of intensive care as of Tuesday, while the five-year-old girl is believed to still be in critical condition.

The Irish Times reported earlier on Wednesday that the suspect remains hospitalized and that Gardaí have still not been cleared to arrest him, or even to speak to him in hospital, as he remains seriously ill.

Benicio was riding his motorbike on Parnell Square when he saw a man with a knife attacking young children outside the school.

The Deliveroo driver said he dismounted his bike, took off his helmet, and hit the attacker with it, causing him to fall to the ground and drop the knife. 

Benicio told The Journal later that day that he acted on "pure instinct" and didn't even think about intervening in the attack. 

Quickly recognized as a hero, the "Buy Caio a Pint" GoFundMe page was launched and swiftly went viral. Benicio has since met with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and was presented with a Merit Award for bravery from the Brazilian Embassy in Dublin.

The money raised through the crowdfunding has officially been transferred to Benicio, the Irish Examiner reported on Wednesday.

Benicio told the Irish Examiner that he left his native Brazil two years ago after he "lost everything" when his restaurant burned down.

"I came to Ireland to start again, and I believe God put me on Parnell St to help the child," Benicio said.

"I am humbled, and very grateful for the Irish people’s generosity they are among the best in the world."

He added: “There were many rescuers that day, not just me, but somehow as an immigrant here, people they want to help me.

"But for me, Leanne Flynn is the hero, she put her body in the way of the three children who were stabbed. She could have died. 

"Two of the children are OK, the five-year-old girl is still in a very bad situation. I spoke with her mother who said she is fighting hard.” 

Benicio added: “My colleagues, they hug me now, they say there is much respect for them and maybe it helps them. I feel very responsible. But I am loving Ireland, everyone could not be kinder to me.

“So, my prayers are with the creche worker and the child. I have many bills to pay, but I can rebuild my own life now, and I told the little girl’s mother I will help with anything she needs.

“I will pay off all of my debts over the restaurant and then I can start again. I will never be able to thank people for this."