The entire audience joined together at Sunday night's Oscars to sing happy birthday to James Martin, the star of the Northern Irish short film "An Irish Goodbye" which won the Oscar for Best Live-Action Short Film. 

The Oscar audience of A-list actors at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles joined together to sing to Belfast native Martin, who was celebrating his 31st birthday on Sunday night, March 12.

Ross White, the "An Irish Goodbye" director, and writer/director Tom Berkeley used the time allotted for their acceptance speech to call on the crowd to toast Martin on his birthday. 

"Thank you to everybody back home in Northern Ireland who helped us make this. We wish we had the time to list you all here but you know who you are. There is something very important we would like to speak about as well," White said. 

"This award is actually the second most important thing about today because it is this man’s birthday. He is out here in Hollywood wearing a leopard print suit jacket. We would love to use the rest of our time up here to sing for James," Berkeley added. 

Earlier in the week, Martin told the Irish Examiner that winning an Oscar would be the "icing on the cake" for his birthday. 

"It’s not every day I go to the Oscars to celebrate my birthday. Let’s just see what happens," Martin said. 

White described Martin as the "beating heart of our film", adding that they wanted to create an "extra special moment for him". 

"It was amazing to have everyone singing for him at the Dolby Theatre – how ridiculous!" 

#LATEST ☘️🇺🇸

“I am the first person with Down syndrome going over to America to pick up these Oscars”

-James Martin

The entire #Oscars audience sang happy birthday to the actor as he stood on stage to accept Best Live Action Short film for “An Irish Goodbye”.@VirginMediaNews

— Zara King (@ZaraKing) March 13, 2023