A top gay site has reported that controversial Catholic League president Bill Donohue, an outspoken critic of the gay lifestyle, is seeking to become chairman of the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in New York.

Donohue is known to have a close friendship with current St. Pat’s Parade chairman John Dunleavy who at 76 is rumored to be stepping down.

Under the headline “ Bill Donohue Is Angling To Be Head of NYC Patrick’s Parade” blogger Joe Jervis writes:

“Catholic League blowhard and anti-gay activist Bill Donohue has submitted himself to be named the head of the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade. Current St. Patrick's Day Parade head John Dunleavy, a retired bus driver, is reportedly under pressure to step down after decades of running the parade.”

It is believed Donohue, 76, who has made his name as a strong anti-gay advocate did attend a recent St. Patrick’s Parade committee meeting and make his intentions clear.

In 2010 Donohue, who is divorced, stated that the Catholic Church "doesn't have a pedophile problem, it has a gay problem."

The parade has been insistent that LGBT groups cannot march and Dunleavy has led the fight to keep them out.

Earlier this year Donohue applied to march in the annual Gay Pride parade and much to his surprise was accepted.