Almost 90% of IrishCentral readers believe that Catholic holidays should be marked in Irish schools. 

A significant majority of IrishCentral readers believe that Catholic holidays should be celebrated in Irish schools. 

We took the poll to readers after two primary schools in north Dublin warned parents that religious holidays like Christmas, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day may no longer be marked in some Catholic schools.

It comes as one of eight Catholic primary schools in the Portmarnock-Malahide-Kinsealy area is to transfer to a non-denominational model.

The approach is part of Ireland’s Department of Education initiative to reduce the dominance of the Catholic Church in primary education and provide greater diversity in school choice to reflect societal changes.

However, other Catholic schools in the area are spearheading the opposition to the proposed changes.

IrishCentral readers disagreed with the approach taken by the Department of Education, however, with 87% voting that Catholic holidays should be celebrated in Irish schools. Ten percent voted against while 3% weren't sure. A total of 432 people voted. 

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"Cancelling these special days would leave a huge void in many peoples lives. They are part of Ireland, not just Roman Catholic days," said one reader. 

"Educate Together is dedicated to accommodating the diversity of cultural differences and religions that are representative of any given student population in a school," argued another.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section, below. 

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