Canada is still on its search to bring skilled workers over from Ireland with the promise of work. Boasting several different markets in need of skilled and talented workers, Canada is diligently looking towards Ireland to fill vacancies.

The Offaly Express reports that VisaFirst, a leading migration agent, is set to embark on a recruiting trip to entice skilled workers to come to Canada. Canada specifically has their eyes set on Irish farmers to come over for work, and are promising permanent residency to certain workers.

VisaFirst says that many Canadian provinces are willing to give permanent residency to Irish farmers who are willing to buy land or buy into an existing farming business and set up shop in Canada.

VisaFirst also said that the demand in Canada is so great for certain trades that they are now competing with Australia, another country that draws a lot of Irish workers.

Edwina Shanahan, migration expert with VisaFirst said, “I would estimate that 6000 Canadian work permits will be granted to Irish skilled professionals this year, matching the Australian demand for Irish skilled workforce. Currently, we are seeing a run on Irish workers as Australian and Canadian employers compete for the Irish skilled workforce.”


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There is a cap on a certain few industries already, but others remain open, added Shanahan. “While the cap does not apply to those with a job offer, there are only a limited number of places still available for carpenters, electricians, chefs, cooks, Insurance claim examiners, crane operators, plumbers, welders, and mechanics if they want to apply for a permanent resident visa without having the hassle of trying to get a pre-arranged job offer. So for those who are eligible we would advise they get their application in now.”

Hoping to attract more workers, Shanahan added that, “We have been informed of excellent pay and earnings in the mining sector, oil and gas. A lot of tradesmen are working on site for 2 weeks at a time and really putting some money away.”

“One of the primary benefits,” Shanahan added, “is that once you are engaged in skilled work for 1 year in Canada then you can look at permanent resident options for you and your family.”


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