The Bishop damned by the latest report into child sex abuse by religious in Ireland has apologized – from an American bolthole.

Dr John Magee, the former Bishop in the Diocese of Cloyne at the heart of the latest scandal, has been damned by the latest judicial enquiry.

The report also contains allegations that the Bishop was reported for kissing an altar boy during his time in the diocese.

Bishop Magee, currently believed to be in hiding in the United States, issued a statement apologising for ‘failing all those who were abused by priests in the Diocese of Cloyne’.

The report accuses the Bishop of overseeing a regime that failed repeatedly to report abuse cases to Irish police.



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His former second in command Monsignor Denis O’Callaghan has also apologized after the report highlighted that he too failed to refer allegations to the civil authorities.

“I am sorry and I am saddened that my approach in many instances caused further hurt for people who needed the fullest support and assistance,” said Monsignor O’Callaghan.

The damning report outlines the alleged activities of 18 priests who were never convicted.

In some cases, police only learned of the allegations against the priests when it was too late to bring a successful prosecution.

Cardinal Sean Brady, head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, admitted the report was damning.

“This report represents another dark day in the history of the response of church leaders to the cry of children abused by church personnel,” said Cardinal Brady.