Hendrix, a six-year-old English springer spaniel, was set to fly on a United Airlines flight from Newark to Phoenix last week but was sent to Shannon, Ireland instead.

The dog was in cargo and on his way across the Atlantic by the time the airline realized the mistake.

According to the Daily Mail, Edith Albach, the dog's owner, didn't find out about unexpected detour until just minutes before Hendrix's flight was supposed to land in Arizona.

“I felt like somebody punched me in the stomach. I mean, that's my dog. That's like my child.”

Edith's daughter, Meredith Grant, was supposed to pick up the dog in Phoenix.

"When my mom called me I was like 'my dog got sent to frickin Ireland? How Ireland? Not even like he went to Florida...he's in Ireland," Grant told KNXV.

United Airlines apologized for the mishap and offered a full refund, but Grant said she would like to see some penalties for the airline's mistake.

"They [whoever is responsible] should not have their job anymore, I mean, he's been on a plane for 24 hours."

Albach tried to look on the bright side, saying, "What do you say, except, I hope he gets some Guinness and corned beef and cabbage."

Hendrix the dog and his owner reunited after he was accidentally shipped to IrelandDaily Mail