It was a bright sunny day when we arrived in the quaint village of Moneygall in County Offaly, Ireland, to begin our piece on the visit of President Barack Obama this May.

Our first port of call was to "Ollie Hayes Pub" on the main street. Waiting inside were Ollie Hayes, Henry Healy (The President's  eight cousin) and Canon Stephen Neill.

Henry gave us a brief history of Moneygall and spoke about another President who also came from the village. Ollie spoke about how he looks forward to showing the President how to pour the perfect "Pint of Guinness."

On a very interesting point, Canon Stephen Neill pointed out how the President's ancestors, the Kearney family, had helped organized much of the famine relief in this area.

Given the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama, organizes relief programs in America, it goes to show that the "Charity Gene" has traveled through 8 generations of the Obama's.

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