Tune in every Monday at 5 pm EST for a live workout session from the New York-based Shannon Gaels GAA club.

The Shannon Gaels, a GAA club based in Queens, New York, will be coming to you live every Monday at 5 pm EST for a work out session to shake off the cobwebs from the weekend and keep you fresh during isolation and quarantine.

You can tune in to our new Move it Monday, the latest addition to the IrishCentral Happy Hour live stream series, here on IrishCentral and on the IrishCentral Facebook page every Monday at 5 pm EST (that's 10 pm Irish time, 4 pm Chicago time, and 2 pm in Los Angeles)!

The workouts, about 30 minutes in length, can be done from your own home and require little to no equipment.

July 13:

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July 6:

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June 29:

Publiée par Shannon Gaels sur Lundi 29 juin 2020

June 15:

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June 8:

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June 1:

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May 25:

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May 18:

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May 11:

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May 4:

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April 27:

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David McNamara, a Co Clare native who is now the Shannon Gaels Games Development, told IrishCentral that the idea for these videos was conjured up by Shannon Gaels Club Chairman and himself.

"We wanted to remain in contact with all our members in a fun and interactive way and the best way to do this nowadays is through social media."

These videos also act as a way to show Shannon Gaels members, including the younger members, that just because the season has been put on hold the GAA continues and they'll all be back on the pitch soon. 

"The videos and workouts are really a fun way to break up the day in a healthy way," said David.

"I also wanted to show that a fun workout can be done with little to no space or equipment. Most of the Facebook live workouts have been done from my own apartment."

With over a month of workouts under his belt, he says the reactions has been fantastic. 

"Our younger members and parents can either watch the workouts live or replay later when their schedule suits. We have received so many videos of our members completing our challenges and drills and we have had many individuals reaching out and expressing their appreciation for what we are doing.

"We have received messages from clubs all over the east coast who have tuned into the workouts and it really means a lot that people are taking part."

During these difficult and often quite stressful or anxiety-inducing times we asked McNamara what advice he would give those watching.  His response?  

"Keep as active as they possibly can right now. Exercise is crucial for our physical fitness, keeping our mind active, and for lifting our mood. Whether you get out for an hour of exercise or only 20 minutes, it’s hugely important to keep your body moving.

"Try new things while we all have the time at home now also. Attempt some baking, knitting, or learning new things through research, our brains need to be stimulated and that can be difficult when we are restricted to being at home so much."

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About the Shannon Gaels

The Shannon Gaels Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) Club was founded in April 2002 in Queens, New York. They are the only underage GAA club serving the children of Queens, Brooklyn, and parts of Long Island at all age levels. The club takes pride in providing the youth of our community with an invaluable opportunity to develop their athletic skills while learning the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. 

For more information on The Shannon Gaels GAA club, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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* Originally published April 17, 2020.