Scythian live streams their kid's music project “Cake for Dinner” right here on IrishCentral in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Irish Festival!

Need to entertain the kids? Celtic rock band Scythian will be performing “Cake for Dinner,” their children's music side project, via live stream right here on IrishCentral and our Facebook page:

Scythian Presents: Cake for Dinner’s Quarantiny Toons

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Alexander & Danylo Fedoryka of Scythian say they made their album "Cake for Dinner" for their dozens of nephews and nieces who inspired the music and helped make it a reality. The Fedorykas combine their Ukrainian heritage with their love of Celtic music to take kids on a musical carpet ride around the world!

This weekend's live stream comes in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Irish Festival, who is committed to exposing people of all ages and generations to Irish culture and tradition. Festival organizers say the upcoming Cake for Dinner live stream is the perfect way for parents to both entertain and educate children.

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About Scythian's "Cake for Dinner"

Cake for Dinner is an interactive, educational musical project for children, led by siblings Alexander and Danylo Fedoryka, and joined in support by their sister Larissa Fedoryka, and Alexander’s wife, Catie Parker Fedoryka.  

The album Cake for Dinner seeks to bring this stimulation to children in an accessible way. The musical intention is not towards instructional lyrical content per se, but rather towards musical education in general via strong emphasis on the basic building blocks of music, i.e. melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Within this basic framework, the children will be introduced to a variety of expressions, with a sampling of folk music from many genres of the world, such as Italian, Ukrainian, Americana, Irish, French Canadian, and Argentine. They will hear the differences between a waltz, a polka, a tango, the blues and more. We think of it as a musical carpet ride around the world, where the various melodies can take the imagination anywhere in the world.  

At the same time, a variety of instruments will be intermeshed throughout, introducing children to different instrumental tones, such as violin, guitar, accordion, cello, banjo, whistle, and many percussive instruments.  

All the while, there has been an effort to encourage active participation among the young listeners with the introduction of some of the Fedoryka's thirty-four nephews and nieces, who sing on several tracks. With the children's voices singing along in the songs, the child will identify with them and be encouraged to actively participate in the music rather than think of music in a passive way. Participation, in turn, will be a heavy emphasis in the live shows: that music is made in community, anyone can participate, and that anyone is the child, right here and now! The heavy percussive element of the album will also segue into the live show, where children can join in the musical experience, utilizing shakers, rattles, bells, triangles and wood blocks.   

In the end, it is our goal that by introducing the child to many different genres of folk music in an interactive manner, the child's impressionable audio palate will be stimulated and expanded, and in turn, their interest will be piqued towards a more active approach to music as they encounter it.

To learn more about Scythian's Cake for Dinner, check out their website and Facebook page.

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