Irish dancers around the world are invited to participate in the first-ever International Irish Dance Day scheduled for Thursday, September 17 - halfway to St. Patrick’s Day!

Organizers of the new, worldwide event say: “Once a traditional dance form practiced only in its country of origin, Irish dance has evolved into a global style.

"Today, Irish dance is being practiced at all levels from the more traditional style to high-performance competition to theatrical art and all facets in between. It is practiced in countries across the world with deep roots in places like the United Kingdom and North America but it is emerging rapidly in less-expected countries including South Africa, Mexico, and China.

“Mega-productions Riverdance and Lord of the Dance continue to be sought-after shows by crowds all over. Emma Watkins, the yellow Wiggle character, has introduced Irish dancing in a new way to young audiences like never before. Irish dancers such as David Geaney, The Gardiner Brothers, and Morgan Bullock are breaking out beyond Irish dance and have made names for themselves as superior dancers, regardless of genre.

“The growth in Irish dance has also made way for industry with related business including dance schools, costuming and equipment vendors, all the way up to events and shows. Fitness and wellness, studio construction and materials, and high-tech musical apps are all related businesses being supported by the wide-reaching Irish dance industry.

“This year, the global Irish dance community will all come together for the first time to celebrate International Irish Dance Day. This day is meant for everyone and is an inclusive event for people of all Irish dance affiliations to come together.”

About International Irish Dance Day

International Irish Dance Day is celebrated annually on September 17, also known as halfway to St. Patrick’s Day. It was launched in 2020, the year of the COVID-19 pandemic - a time when connection and unity were urgently needed. 

International Irish Dance Day is not for profit and is not associated with any specific Irish dance organizations or businesses. Instead, it’s an opportunity for everyone to come together as a global collective and share with the world the joy of this dance form. International Irish Dance Day is organized by a committee of volunteers. All volunteers serve the committee in their role of Irish dance enthusiasts and not in relation to a larger Irish dance organization or business.

How to get involved with International Irish Dance Day 2020

The organizers of #IIID2020 have shared these tips to help dancers everywhere get involved with the events in the lead up to September 17: 


  • Share the ready-made IIDD2020 graphics, available on the IIID website
  • Share with others what you love about Irish dancing
  • Share your knowledge, organize an Irish dance class or workshop


  • Create custom social media graphics combining IIDD2020 and your school/organization/business
  • Create a video just for IIDD2020 
  • Create buzz! You don’t have to wait until September 17 to start talking about IIDD2020. The sooner we all start talking Irish dance, the better!


  • Collaborate with a local business to create a discount or offer for locals 
  • Collaborate with other dancers on new choreography 
  • Collaborate with your local government or Irish embassy on recognition


  • Host a performance in-person or virtually 
  • Host a Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day themed party 
  • Host a social media live broadcast and talk about Irish dance


  • Promote your product or business with a special IIDD2020 offer 
  • Promote your dancing school, show, or business on local tv, print, or radio media. A sample media release is available on the IIID website.
  • Promote IIDD on social media. 

You can help organizers spread the word by inviting others to like or follow #IIID on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re celebrating on social media, be sure to use the hashtags #InternationalIrishDanceDay, #IIDD2020, and #UnitedThroughDance while also tagging the International Irish Dance Day social media accounts!

Great Global Step About

Join in on the Great Global Step About!

Join in on the Great Global Step About!

As part of International Irish Dance Day 2020, organizers are planning a “Great Global Step About” scheduled for September 17 at 17:00 (5 pm) local time.

“Wherever you are at 5:00 pm - at home, in the studio, or on the go - post a video, share a picture or go live with Irish dance pride," organizers say.

"Get creative, wear your country / city / dance school colours, dance anything Irish and celebrate!

"Be sure to tag IIDD on Instagram and Facebook and let's flood the internet with Irish dance!"