Lord of the Dance cast members put a hilarious quarantine spin on their iconic Irish dance routine "Warlords" during the first coronavirus lockdown last April.

While Irish dancers everywhere have been forced into isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, it certainly hasn’t stopped them from dancing.

On social media, the crew behind the massively successful touring Irish dance production Lord of the Dance has been working to keep Irish dancers both engaged and entertained through live videos.

The latest video from the team at Lord of the Dance sees a number of its cast members having fun from their homes around the world while re-creating the show’s iconic “Warlords” routine.

Cathal Keaney in Lord Of The Dance, quarantine style.

Cathal Keaney in Lord Of The Dance, quarantine style.

On Facebook, an organizer said: “The original idea came from Michael and Niamh. With the whole world in lockdown, they wanted to come up with a different way for the show to entertain people. James Keegan and Zoltan Papp worked behind the scenes to help coordinate and bring it to life.

“The video clips were all filmed by the dancers themselves (or any loved ones / relatives they're isolated with). For instance, you can see Matt Smith's mum, Debbie Norman, dancing with him at the end. The editing and mixing was done by Jason."

The organizer said there will “ideally” be more videos like this one in the future.

In a kind gesture, the video is “dedicated to all the medical personnel and essential services working on the front line to keep us safe during #Covid19.

“You are the true heroes.” 

Included in the new video are Andrea Papp-Kren, Zoltan Papp, Mary Mirasola, Cathal Keaney, Connor Smyth, Matt Smith (and his mom Debbie Norman!), and James Keegan.

Check out the fun quarantine twist on the iconic "Warlords" routine from Lord of the Dance here:

* Originally published on April 23, 2020. Updated April 2021. 

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