Irish-themed games that are perfect to play on St Patrick's Day.

Whether you travel to Ireland for the occasion or you celebrate it in America somewhere, St Patrick’s Day is the highlight of the year for millions of people. The day that commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, as well as Irish culture in general, brings people together for a truly brilliant Irish-themed party full of good food and dancing, alongside a range of other Ireland-related activities. 

The average St Patrick’s Day celebration tends to focus on booze and traditional pub food, but an increasing amount of people also play Irish-themed games to add another fun activity to the day. Some games involve everyone around the table, while others are more tech-based offerings that provide entertainment on the bus home. In truth, though, these gaming products are suitable for any occasion, although they certainly create more of a buzz on St Patrick’s Day. 

So, from mobile games to much-loved board games, let’s take a look at a selection of different games you can play to enhance your Paddy’s Day celebrations. 

Blarney: The Definitive Word Game is a great option

If you’ve ever managed to experience St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, then you might have come across Blarney: The Definitive Word Game before. A game that consists of decks of cards with five words and definitions, the game essentially puts peoples’ blagging skills to the test as they aim to come up with a believable and usually comical definition of a selected word. A game that certainly becomes funnier the later you play it in the day, many Irish people turn it into a drinking game. Overall, though, Blarney: The Definitive Word Game is perfect on its own, especially if you manage to reign supreme and win the Blarney Stone at the end of it all. 

Irish-themed slot games at an online casino are worth exploring 

A gaming option for you and you only, playing games at an online casino is a go-to option for gamers in the modern world, but there is also a selection of Irish-themed slot games at an online casino. For example, Leprechaun’s Luck is a top product that offers a progressive jackpot and contains a strong Irish theme, such as Irish symbols and good luck charms on the reels. Playtech’s product isn’t the only option, though, as other Irish-themed games are also worth playing, with the likes of RainBalls, a retro-styled Irish slot, Minted Money, a popular money-themed title, and Gaelic Luck, a game that features three Irish girls, also standing out. 

Arrange a game of Gaelic Football for a proper craic

If you’re not too keen on playing games in a virtual setting, then you might fancy enjoying a traditional Irish game in the real world. You can’t get more traditional than Gaelic Football either, with one of the most popular sports in Ireland enabling people to get firmly in the Irish spirit on Paddy’s Day. Of course, you don’t need to be an expert player to enjoy Gaelic Football, although it might be worth reading up on the rules and gaining a basic understanding of the game before you aim to arrange it with your nearest and dearest. 

Celtica is an excellent board game 

Board games are also heavily involved on St Patrick’s Day, especially when assessing the offerings from top board games like Celtica. A fantasy product that is set in the 11th Century in Ireland, there are numerous adventures to be had in this fun-filled board game product, although the main challenge for players is to locate the ancient amulets that have been missing since the Viking invasion.