Yoga and mindfulness as Gaeilge is a great way to start learning the Irish language

Irish company Suí Mindfulness (suí means to sit in Irish) is offers free guided meditation tracks that are in both Irish and English, meaning your next Irish language lesson can be completely zen.

"For many people, the Irish language appears too complicated, and difficult to navigate, therefore it can feel overwhelming. The only way forward is to come back to basics, take one step at a time, that way we can achieve things we never thought possible," said Derval Dunford and Mick Hogan, founders of Suí Mindfulness

Having a pretty basic grasp of Irish but with a real grá (love) for her native language, Dunford initially declined an invitation from an international yoga trainer to create the world’s first Yoga Nidra relaxation.

She quickly changed her mind because the challenge really appealed to her, and was delighted to get support from Gnó Mhaigh Eo, an organization supporting and encouraging businesses in Mayo to utilize the Irish language as a valuable and profitable resource.

In her heart Derval really wanted to create something beautiful to connect people to the language, to make learning effortless. The Nidra track is called "Well of Wisdom," based on the concept that the well is your heart, and connects with the healing power of Ireland’s wells. The mindfulness practice is called "A Slice of Time" and connects with the stability of trees.

Both tracks are now free to download on the Suí website, and on the International renowned Yoga Nidra Network site. Free downloads are available at

* Originally published in 2018. Updated in 2022.