With an estimated 650k people lining the streets of Ireland's capital and 4,200 participants, it's believed that the 2024 Patrick's Day Festival has broken Dublin's records.

The Grand Marshal of the Patrick's Day Festival parade, "Late Late Show" host, Patrick Kielty dubbed the 2024 parade "the biggest party in the world”. An estimated 650k revelers turned out on Sunday, March 17, ahead of the midday start. 

The theme of this year's parade was Spréach - the Irish word for spark. According to reports visitors traveled from as far away as Bolivia, California, and China to enjoy the colorful festival parade that saw 4,200 participants take part, featuring 18 performances and pageants. 

Traditional dancers from countries around the world, including Ukraine, Georgia and Brazil were featured along with 14 marching bands from across Ireland, North America and France.

Watch Tourism Ireland's live stream of the St. Patrick's Day Parade here:

The costumes were hugely creative this year ranging from sea creatures and the Celtic goddess Danu to one group who dressed as Dublin's iconic street lamps. Another group even dressed up as greedy seagulls, a feature of Irish life.

The Grand Marshal, Patrick Kielty commented on the fact that he was a man called "Patrick" from Downpatrick, in County Down who had attended a St. Patrick's School. He added that he was "the proudest man in Ireland". 

He said being Grand Marshal was “a massive honor” adding it was “emotional” for him.

“To be the Patrick at the front of this parade is one of the proudest moments of my life," said Keilty.

 “I think St Patrick’s Day is so important to people because it gives us all a chance to share in something, it brings a lot of people together.

“I think sometimes here we maybe take it for granted.”

He said, “As someone who has lived abroad and knows what that day means to so many people who are longing for a connection to their lives back home, that’s what it’s about.”