IrishCentral was in the middle of all the action to stream the Dublin St. Patrick's Day Parade live on Facebook helping the world celebrate what it is to be Irish. From Australia to California and Canada to Bali IrishCentral readers tuned in to enjoy Ireland's national holiday in the Emerald Isle's capital city.

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Posted by on Friday, March 17, 2017

The parade attracted over 500,000 people to the streets of our fair city.

The parade wound through the heart of Dublin City bursting with color, whimsical theatrics and lively musical scores from Irish and international bands alike. Marvel as Ireland’s finest street-theater companies swirls by with fantastical pageantry and raucous performances. Bands from Ireland were joined by bands from America, France, Germany, Switzerland and the Bahamas and delivered uplifting rhythms for the spectacular procession.

The iconic, colorful and fun-filled parade in Dublin is just part of a four-day St. Patrick’s Day Festival taking place in Ireland’s capital city. Over the long weekend 3,000 artists, musicians, dancers and performers from around the world will electrify the city with over 30 different events.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival hangs on the theme of “My Ireland.” Stephen James Smith, commissioned especially for this piece, penned this edgy, yet celebratory narrative of Ireland.

The theme seeks to celebrate who the Irish are as a culturally diverse, complex and brave society, notwithstanding its challenges, yet with strengths and characteristic traits that are many. From the cathedrals to the classrooms, the city will reverberate this weekend with an evocative program of mesmerizing music, powerful performances, intriguing walks and inspiring talks.

The vision of artists, designers, and performers of all ages was certainly on display. Community groups and pageant companies from across Ireland were present the rich textures of Irish heritage through a variety of performances and street theater around such subjects as Ireland’s magical faerie stories, ancient mythical tribes, trailblazing pirates and the splendid living landscape, each providing a local response to the "My Ireland" theme.

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