Paul Rudd, currently getting rave reviews for his Living with Yourself Netflix show, alongside Irish star Aisling Bea, is as Irish as it comes! So much so he has a secret Irish pub called Sullivan's in his family home basement. 

Family man Paul Rudd might be better known to us for his various comic roles, from his newest foray in Living with Yourself to Phoebe’s boyfriend, Mike Hannigan in Friends to his film work in Knocked Up, Anchorman, Forgetting Sarah Marshal and many more. However, he’s also a Dad to two, Jack and Darby, resident of Rhinebeck, New York and the owner of an Irish pub.

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Sullivan’s pub is built in the basement of his house. During an interview with New York Magazine, in 2010, Rudd Rudd explained how his Irish pub came to be.
Having grown up in Kansas City living in the countryside is a bit of a change for Rudd. He joked and the ticks in the countryside saying “I look at it, really, as a great opportunity to get Lyme disease…It’s so hard to get Lyme disease in the city anymore.”

Rudd completed Sullivan’s pub, in around 2010, which takes its name from Rudd’s son, Jake. When his son Jack Sullivan Rudd was born, Paul’s father said: “I want my grandson to own his own Irish pub.” And so the doting grandfather started to build his pub in the basement of the familial Kansas City home.
His father finished his pub in Kansas. The next step was to come out to Rhinebeck and help them build their own Irish pub. Unfortunately, he died of cancer before he could complete the plans. Paul continued with his father’s plans and one year on Sullivan’s bar is open for business.
In the interview, Rudd admitted that his main focus in his life is spending time with his wife and child. The five-year-old shows little interest in Rudd’s work but he certainly realizes how important some movies are to his Daddy.
Rudd explained “My wife asked him, ‘What are your favorite movies?’ And he said, ‘Well, I really like Toy Story and  Bee Movie and Star Wars, but I think that probably after... summer [2010] it’s going to be Dinner for Schmucks.’ He won’t see it. I’m not going to take him. But it was just so sweet that he would say that.”

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* Originally published in 2010.

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