He'll forever be the Lord of the Dance, and now that he’s retired from performing, Michael Flatley is looking to make his mark as a quadruple threat in the movie business.

Michael Flatley is the writer/producer/director and star of his first full-length film, "Blackbird," which debuted last Friday at the Raindance Film Festival in London.

We haven’t seen any reviews so far, but Michael is thrilled with the finished product.  The Hollywood Reporter interviewed the London-based Flatley about his film, and it’s clear that he’s caught the movie bug.

“I love doing it. I love creating it. I loved the whole team of people I worked with and I want to experience it again. We’re working on two new scripts now and hopefully they’ll come out as good as this one,” Flatley, 60, said.

“But I really, really enjoyed it. I’ll still have all the dance shows and many other things. But I feel as if I’ve reached a plateau with my dancing shows now, so it’s nice to try something new.”

"Blackbird" co-stars Eric Roberts, Patrick Bergin and Nicole Evans, and sees Flatley – naturally, he’s the star – play a troubled retired secret agent who heads for the Caribbean to operate a nightclub.  There’s romance courtesy of an old flame, and intrigue, and lots of babes in bikinis ... vintage Michael in other words.

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The poster for Blackbird.

The poster for Blackbird.

The Hollywood Reporter scribe asked if "Blackbird" could possibly lead Michael to taking on the role of James Bond someday, but he nixed that train of thought outright.

“That’s a terrible thing to say! Never would I try to be Bond. I couldn’t possibly compete with Daniel. Or Pierce Brosnan. That wasn’t even on my mind,” Michael said.

“No, if it has a Bond feel, I should be lucky. No, I think this is a completely different movie. I love watching Bond films but that’s not something I aspire to. I wouldn’t be able to do that at all.”  

No word on when "Blackbird" will debut in the U.S.  Michael was also mum when asked about Hollywood support for his film given that he performed at President Trump’s inauguration last year.

“Well, with respect I’m not going to touch that one. I want this to be about the film,” he said.

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