Canadian star Michael Bublé said he was moved to tears over touching Irish video, which promises that “We Will Rise Again.”

The Canadian singer Michael Bublé shared the three-minute film, titled “The Phoenix,” to his Facebook page with the caption: “I think I got flour in my eye.”

The video, which was created by Dublin-based creative agency, The Tenth Man, is a message of hope in these uncertain times. It urges people to “stay safe, stay home, stay strong.” 

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Based on words by Sarah Coffey and voiced by Eva Jane Gaffney, the film opens with the question “When will all this end?" It then goes on to show a montage of footage of past and current events and asks us to imagine a better world once the COVID-19 crisis is over. 

"When this will all end we will be reunited, so now, just for a minute, let's imagine it."

It reminds us that we will have an opportunity to see our friends, hug our loved ones, gather together, and dance once again.

The video closes with a promise to everyone that "This will all end."

You can watch the full video here:

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