Canadian singer Michael Bublé was treated to a very special performance during his 2019 Belfast show when a young Irish speaker sang the gorgeous song "An Cailín Álainn" for the crowd. 

Thirteen-year-old Belfast student Síomha Nic Parthaláin-Nic Brádaigh was handed the mic by the famous minstrel and broke into the love song, which translates to "Beautiful Girl."

With lines such as "She alone has more beauty than the fair roses," if Michael Bublé sang in Irish, this song would, without doubt, be a tune he would cover. 

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‘An Deargóir Álainn’ Síomha i mbun ceoil anocht le ‘An Cailín Álainn’ i gcuideachta Michael Bublé i mBéal Feirste #Laoch ️ #Gaeilge @ColaisteFeirste ️ @MichaelBuble @JOEdotie @BelfastLive @irish_news @IrishCentral @nosmag @tuairiscnuacht

— An Dream Dearg ️隸‍♀️隸‍♂️ (@dreamdearg) June 10, 2019

Want to hear the full song? (It's a beaut!) You can listen to it here being sung by Tomás 'Jimmy' Mac Eoin, the composer, performing alongside Arthur Cormack who first brought it to a Scottish audience whilst a member of Mac-talla.

What do you make of the performance? Let us know in the comments section, below. 

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* Originally published in June 2019.