This St. Patrick's Day ad from Jameson Irish Whiskey, back in 2016, will give you goosebumps.

Jameson knows that on St. Patrick's Day, we all are proud to be Irish.

We all know about the beauty of Ireland’s landscape; the green fields, the hills, the streams, the magical quiet of the country and the vivacious bustle of the towns, but it’s not the only reason to celebrate this March 17.

In a 2016 ad named #BeOriginal, Jameson worked with the Irish director, Scott Carthy to celebrate the characters of Ireland and the character of the country itself.

“We’ve done alright,” opens the ad, in a typical Irish manner, not fully patting yourself on the back. "Considering our humble little island fits into Texas eight and half times over, we're proudly punching above our weight."

"A country our size has no right to be celebrated the world over, but that has never stopped us.”

With the attitude of a small island determined to make the world notice, Jameson challenges us to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in our own original way, whoever we are, because anybody willing to break down expectations or to “happily defy the odds” are people that the Irish want to know.

To give a little bit of inspiration, the ad also introduces us to some of those Irish people breaking boundaries and squashing norms. Through the 2-minute film, we meet James Earley, a street artist who takes inspiration from generations of stained glass workers in his family tree; the band Jape as they wow crowds all over Ireland; and a pair of road bowlers who couldn’t look more different enjoying a game in Waterford.

“You don't have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day,” the ad continues. “It’s all in your approach.

“Run with it. Show us how it’s done.”

Challenge accepted.

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* Originally published in 2016, updated in March 2023.