Does it get more romantic than this! Bride and groom dancing their first dance as man and wife on the cobblestone streets of Galway to a busker.

The video was posted on the Facebook Page, LoveStruckWeddings and shows Mary Theresa dancing with Stephen. 

According to the post, the newlyweds were having a wedding photo shoot on Church Yard Street, one of Galway City's most famous streets. 

Ever seen a First Dance like this?!

Maryteresa Breeney & Stephen Treacy were married last Friday in Galway - what a party! While getting a few photos around Shop Street with their Photographer Deirdre Langan Photography, the chance to have a truly unique First Dance came up! Huge thanks to musician Macdara Ó Duibhir Music who played beautifully, and all the well-wishers we met while out in town!

Posted by on Sunday, February 4, 2018

You can always find an abundance of buskers there and it is a fantastic place to visit if you are looking for some great music and fantastic pints. 

We would personally recommend Naughton's Pub because they have one of the creamiest pints around. 

Mary Theresa and Stephen were in the middle of getting the photos done when they decided to have a dance as well! 

Her bridesmaids helped carry her dress across the cobblestones and where she met Stephen and the two danced along while a busker played Ed Sheeran's song, Perfect.

It's an absolutely gorgeous song that is incredibly romantic and you can see the two are having a great bit of fun together.

The busker's name is Macdara Ó Duibhir and he has a beautiful singing voice - no doubt he'd make a great wedding singer! 

If there's one thing that Irish people are great at, it's music and dancing at weddings.

Have a look at this video showing friends and family surprise a bride and groom with an Abba song and then an old Liverpool football song.

Then there's this video where the bride decided to surprise her guests with some traditional Irish dancing. 

Our favorite one is an oldie from 2016 showing how a bunch of professional Irish dancers like to celebrate a wedding. 

The music is fantastic but the dancing is something else, the bride and the groom used to dance in "Lord of the Dance" so they decided to celebrate their wedding in the only way they knew how! 

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