A video from the wedding of a former “Lord of the Dance” pro went viral. The video posted by the groom’s brother on Facebook shows a full troupe of professional Irish dancers giving it socks on the dance floor.

Entitled “Lord and Lady of the Dance” the video was posted by JP O'Meara, from Nenagh, County Tipperary, and has over 11,000 shares.

A source told IrishCentral that O'Meara’s “brother got married last week and he and the wife are former Lord of the Dancers so there was a full troupe of professionals.”

Even the bride and groom get in on the dance.

O'Meara admitted in the comments section “I wont lie to ye lads I was crying recording it!!” And who could blame him.

The clip shows wedding guest, in all their finery, get up and Irish dance. As the dance goes on it becomes clear that these are pros!

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* Originally published in 2014.

What happens when a group of professional Irish dancers party at an Irish wedding. It’s something else!Riverdance