Google have released the top things Irish people Googled in 2017 and it is a veritable window into the Irish mindset.

the only thing bigger than US President Donald Trump for the Irish was Hurricane Ophelia, the worst storm to hit the nation in decades. Thousands were left without power, the roof was blown clear off a school in Douglas, Cork and Bill Clinton strolled around Dublin’s O’Connell Street as if it was the most ordinary day in the world.

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Next up was Donald Trump, proving once and for all that America is not alone in its need to keep up with every twist and turn in the new Administration. Searches peaked around Inauguration Day but strong interest remains in the United States’ 45th Commander in Chief.

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The contentious Ireland v Denmark soccer match took the bronze medal and the TV drama ‘13 Reasons Why’ placed fourth with searches peaking in April.

Fidget spinners placed fifth, Hurricane Imra sixth, the strike by drivers of Bus Éireann seventh and the Mayweather v McGregor eighth.

In at ninth place was one of Ireland’s long running obsessions, Eurovision, and in tenth the dark allegations about Harvey Weinstein's treatment of women.

Questions that begin ‘What is’ reveal that Irish people were most curious to find out ‘What is the antikythera mechanism’, which is in fact a way to predict astrological movements.

Other ‘What is’ questions reveal Irish people wanted to learn the definitions of a hurricane, Bitcoin, a pangolin, a tracker mortgage, the Confederation Cup, a teleporter and a fidget spinner.

If more evidence were needed that US politics are closely monitored in Ireland, people also wanted to know what Donald Trump was referring to when he tweeted about ‘covfefe’ and about ‘DACA’ - a US government program that gives work visas to undocumented immigrants who arrived in America as children.

Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe" ??? Enjoy!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2017

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The top queries ‘How to..?’ were also pretty revealing: ‘How to make slime’ was the top one with strong interest throughout the year. How to watch the Mayweather V McGregor fight took the silver and lose weight the bronze.  

How to make pancake mix, solve a rubix cube, download Netflix and register to vote were also popular - an indication that Irish people are beginning to think seriously about next year’s referendum on abortion.

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For sport, the top event was unsurprisingly Mayweather v McGregor, followed by Ireland v Denmark, the Cheltenham races, Confederations Cup and the the rugby match Ireland v Wales.

The top recipes were spaghetti bolognese, chili con carne, beef stroganoff, guacamole and pavlova. Demonstrating once and for there is little truth in the tired cliche that the Irish diet is made up of potatoes and nothing more.

H/T: Google Trends