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Do you know an Irish dancer who is using their talent for good, like Oona Harrington, who filmed herself Irish dancing to raise money for cancer research?

Maybe you know an Irish dance school like Motor City Irish Dance, who rallies around teenager Kaden Strek, who has special needs.

Kaden Strek

Kaden Strek

Perhaps you want to shine the spotlight on someone like Ciara Sexton, who is using her undeniable Irish dance talent to tell old stories in new ways.

Ciara Sexton

Ciara Sexton

Or maybe you know an Irish dancer who is aiming to breakdown stereotypes within the Irish dance world, like Denver-based brothers Michael and Matthew Gardiner.

Michael and Matthew Gardiner

Michael and Matthew Gardiner

Or do you know someone who manages to put an extra dose of fun into Irish dancing, like Liam and Tati did?

Irish dance dino duo

Just when we thought we’d seen it all 😂 Video: Flying Irish Dancers

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