Here’s the story behind that touching video of an older Irish couple dancing in their home.

The video, which went viral in March, shows a beautiful moment between the couple the day after they received their first COVID-19 vaccinations.

The footage was captured by Dublin filmmaker Myles O’Reilly, who was asked to create a video for the band Crowded House.

Myles told : "My wife Aideen and I purchased our house in Portobello in 2010. From the beginning, we were aware it was a magical community. We had musicians Cathy Davey and Neil Hannon on one side of us, comedian Maeve Higgins on the other, and right beside us a beautiful looking elderly couple who we always saw together, always holding hands, always dressed so dapper, Eddie and Elsie O'Brien."

In the video, Elsie says: "Every morning, we wake up with a kiss and a prayer. During the day, Eddie would always bring me home a rose or, if we were together, pick a rose off a tree to give it to me. Every anniversary, we always write a little note to each other. On birthdays, on our breakfast trays, we'd always have a little note, telling each other how much we love each other."

Eddie adds: "She's my queen and I'm her king... (When we first met), I said 'That's the woman that I'm staying with for the rest of my life.'"

Myles said of his neighbors: "I'm always so incredibly taken by their outlook on life. No encounter is ever wasted with small talk. There have been many pauses in our annual garden routine, to greet each other and share deeply philosophical conversations. We're the lucky ones, as they very much keep to themselves in public. So for years, I thought I should really film an interview with them but because of their deeply private nature, I was always far too nervous to ask them."

After Crowded House reached out to him, Myles said he realized now was the time to do it. 

"This was something I had to do like it was a matter of survival. I had to ask Eddie and Elsie if they would do an interview with me. Knocking on their door to ask the question was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do."

It turns out Myles had nothing to be scared off. He said that at the time Eddie told him "Fair play for asking us Myles, I bet that was hard to do! We'll gladly do an interview with you."

You can watch the video To The Island (Eddie & Elsie Edition) below.