Emma Watson - an activist, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and former Harry Potter star - chose to write to the late Savita Halappanavar for Porter's Incredible Women issue.

The letter is one of a collection written by famous women on topics close to their hearts. Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Karlie Kloss were among those who also contributed to the issue.

Savita’s death from a septic miscarriage in a Galway hospital in 2012 was significant in bringing about the referendum on the Eighth Amendment in Ireland.

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Following the overwhelming vote to repeal in May 2018, a mural of Savita, created by Dublin street artist ACHES, became an unofficial shrine in Dublin. Voters left their YES badges and personal notes, sharing stories and honoring Savita.

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Savita’s father thanked the people of Ireland for the gesture. Following the referendum vote. the messages and notes were carefully removed by Yes to Vote volunteers. The originals were sent to Savita's family, and digital versions are to be cataloged and preserved by Dublin City Library and Archives.