On Thursday, August 29, we want to hold the largest Pop-Up Gaeltacht the world has ever seen!

Events are happening in/Tá imeachtaí ag tarlú i:

  • La Jolla, California - 7 pm, O'Brien's Pub, Convoy Street;
  • Los Angeles, California - 7 pm, Griffins of Kinsale in Pasadena;
  • Seattle, Washington - 7 pm, Shawn O'Donnell's, Freemont, meet in the restaurant and tell Johnny behind the bar "Tá Gaeilge agam!"
  • New York City - 6.30 pm, St Pat's Bar & Grill, 22 W 46th St. (Musicians welcome!)
  • Dublin, Ireland -  8 pm, Dice Bar, 79 Queen St. 

Want a good excuse to practice your Irish-language skills or simply want to meet up with some friends and speak a little Gaeilge? On Thursday, August 29, IrishCentral is calling on all lovers of Irish to host a Pop-Up Gaeltacht with the aim of creating the world's largest Irish-language global experience. 

In New York, we'll be hosting our own Pop-Up Gaeltacht that evening at St Pat's Bar and Grill and the largest Pop-Up in Dublin will also be taking place in Dice Bar. 

For those in New York, you can find all the information at this Facebook event and on the Dublin Pop-Up Gaeltacht at this link. 

We have also been joined by the Pop-Up branch in La Jolla, California, who run Irish language meetups in that area. You can find all the info on their event here. 

But we want to see more! On Thursday, August 29, gather your Irish speakers wherever in the world you may be and have your own Pop-Up Gaeltacht. If you create a Facebook event for the occasion, feel free to add IrishCentral as a co-host so we can add to the list and tag us on any posts on Facebook (@IrishCentral), Twitter (@IrishCentral) and Instagram (@irishcentral) to let us know. If you'd prefer to share your pictures and videos by email, you can do so at editors@irishcentral.com. 

Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam!

This August, we're celebrating Gaeilge (the Irish language) and Irish music with a series highlighting those around the world speaking and learning Irish, and playing Irish music.

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