George Clooney sure is doing the rounds promoting his new Netflix film The Midnight Sky.  

The 59-year-old Zoomed into Ireland for an interview with radio host Sarina Bellissimo on Spin 1038, and he was happy to chat about anything and everything, including his trip to Ireland last year.

"I wish I could travel at all anywhere. I would be thrilled to be back in Ireland,” said Clooney, who spent some time in Co Laois with his wife Amal and some distant relatives.

"We were there for Easter, it was unusually warm and nice and it couldn’t have been more fun to be there. I met a bunch of relatives I never knew I had which was also fun!

"My experience there was so memorable and seeing family was so much fun.  Being able to feel your real roots is a really cool thing!  My father had been there and visited the family before and so it was really fun for me.”

One of Clooney’s many BFFs is Matt Damon, who you’ll remember spent the initial Covid lockdown in Dublin as he was shooting a film there.  Matt was a hit with the locals and said spending extended time in Ireland was great, a message he also conveyed to Clooney.

"I talked to Matt while he was there. He absolutely loved being there and with Matt, you never know, he could just buy a house there!" Clooney revealed. 

Bellissimo said Gorgeous George was a real gent to speak with, even if it was from afar.

 “It was so surreal to be chatting to George Clooney in my bedroom on my laptop. When his face popped up on my screen, it was like seeing an old mate as he started off the conversation right away, wanting to know how I was doing and find out if I was in Dublin,” she told the Irish Mirror.