Today, October 1, is International Coffee Day! To celebrate, check out the top ten places to grab the best brews in Ireland.

Whether it's traditional or iced, served in a cute mug or a takeaway cup, coffee lovers are always on the hunt for the best brew.

Betway has revealed the very best coffee spots up and down the country, from Dublin to Donegal, in a new study.

The rankings were determined by measuring the popularity of each coffee shop with a unique index score generated by the number of hashtags each location has racked up on Instagram, as well as Google and TripAdvisor reviews - the lower the overall index score the higher the ranking.

According to the study, coffee spot locations across Dublin, Limerick and Donegal placed within the top ten. 

Beanhive Coffee, located in the center of Dublin,  takes the top spot with an index score of nine. Meanwhile, serving up the best coffee in Donegal is Aroman Coffee Shop & Mini Bakery coming in joint second alongside Dublin’s Shoe Lane Coffee, both with an index score of 14.

Esquires, the Organic Coffee Co in Galway is up next alongside Dublin's Lemon Jelly Cafe, both with scores of 16. In fourth place is Three Fools Coffee in Cork, with an index score of 17. Rounding up the top five is Blueberry Tea Rooms in Donegal and Cork Coffee Roasters with scores of 21.

Check out the full list below.

Top 10 coffee spots in Ireland:

1. Beanhive Coffee, Dublin

2. Aroma Coffee Shop & Mini Bakery, Donegal and Shoe Lane Coffee, Dublin,

3. Esquires- The Organic Coffee Co, Galway and Lemon Jelly Cafe, Dublin,

4. Three Fools Coffee, Cork

5. Blueberry Tea Rooms, Donegal and Cork Coffee Roasters, Bridge St, Victorian Quarter, Cork

6. Manna Cafe & Bistro, Killarney

7. Furey’s Diner, Donegal

8. Lir Cafe, Killarney

9. Wildberry Cafe, Limerick and Little Lane Coffee, Galway and SOMA Coffee Company, Cork

10. Cafe Rose and Rift Coffee, both Limerick