Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Aldi Ireland will be selling green, shamrock-infused gin!

The discount supermarket chain have announced they’ll be selling bottle of Irish-made Tower Gin’s Shamrock-Infused Gin, which is distilled in Co. Louth.

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According to Aldi: "Tower Gin’s Shamrock Infused Gin has been distilled in the traditional London Dry style, with all ingredients – including the fresh shamrock, coming from the highways and byways of Co. Louth.

Tower Gin with Shamrock. Credit: Aldi

Tower Gin with Shamrock. Credit: Aldi

"The sweet orange and rosehips make for a refreshing gin, yet it also has a mild earthy taste which comes from the fresh shamrock. And yes, it’s actually green! The perfect gin to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day."

The 50 cl bottles will be priced at €19.99 each.

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