Guinness’ message is to enjoy your night out, with friends but to “drink like a brewer”, “respect the beer.”

Guinness Brewers are passionate about their beer and their drinking but their message to those who love the stouts, larger and porters that come out of St. James’s Gate is “drink like a brewer” and “respect the beer”.

In one of Guinness’ newest adverts the Brewers at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin talk about their feelings around beer appreciation and drinking sensibly, encouraging fellow beer lovers to “take it slow, drink like a brewer.”

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Stephen Kilcullen and Ross Kidd both Brewers with Guinness take turns dealing out advice and truths from the experts, folks who couldn’t know more about beer.

“It takes weeks to produce a pint of Guinness, so there’s a look of blood sweat and tears that each brewer actually dedicates to your pint,” says Kilcullen, Brewer at Guinness.

“For me Guinness is very much about the people, so watch out for your friends,” he added.

“Take it slow. Drink like a brewer.”

Kidd said, “It’s a job I love, making the best beer in the world.”

He continued “Enjoy your night out but enjoy it sensibly.

“Respect the beer.”

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