A descendent of Mark Rainsford, co-signee with Arthur Guinness on the Guinness Brewery lease, has recently joined the Guinness Open Gate Brewery. Rob Rainsford started in August and has since brewed his first beer at the experimental brewery, the West Coast IPA, ‘Hook Line & Sinker’.

Rob Rainsford’s ancestor, Sir Mark Rainsford, was an Irish Lord Mayor of Dublin and the original founder of what was to become the Guinness Brewery. On Dec 31, 1759, Rainsford’s grandson, also named Mark, signed the now famous 9,000-year lease over to Arthur Guinness.

Robert recently joined the Pilot Team as an innovation brewer, bringing the Rainsford brewing name back to St. James’ Gate after three centuries. 

Speaking about joining the team, Rob Rainsford said: ‘’Home brewing has always been a big part of my family life growing up. I’m fortunate to now have over six years of professional brewing experience and to have landed my dream job working in the Guinness Brewery – back where it all began’’.

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Rob is the lead brewer of the new West Coast IPA, ‘Hook Line & Sinker’, which was the winner of the Open Gate’s recent home brewers competition. The beer is described as an American-style IPA that boasts a malty backbone, along with big citrus and pine flavors from American hops, paired with premium Irish barley. Proceeds from the sale of the beer are also being donated to the Iveagh Trust, based in Dublin 8. 

Innovation has always been at the heart of Guinness, dating right back to the time of Arthur Guinness. The Experimental Brewery dates back over 100 years and in 2015 opened the gates for visitors’ discovery. 

At the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, brewers are given the creative license to dream in beer. Its ever-changing beer roster means guests will always be greeted by something new on the taps. 

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery is the latest in a line of the current incarnation of Guinness experimental breweries going back to 1904. It's where our brewers are charged with exploring new ideas in beer that we can share in small batches in our tap room. Beers selected for further development are brewed in greater volume in Brew House 4 at St. James's Gate or in one of Guinness's other breweries overseas. All Guinness innovations around the world are developed at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery. To find out more about the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and its beers, visit www.guinnessopengate.com