The Michelin Guide recently revealed their inspectors'  favorite dishes from the past year, and two Irish restaurants made the list.

Michelin, which recently launched The MICHELIN Guide Great Britain & Ireland, asked inspectors to think back over the past year and pick out the most memorable dishes eaten between 2022 and 2023 while preparing the latest edition of the Guide.

The list of most memorable meals featured six restaurants, two of which are located in Ireland -- Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen in Co. Dublin and dede in Baltimore, Co. Cork, which is headed by chef Ahmet Dede.

At Chapter One, which serves contemporary Irish fare, inspectors enjoyed the BBQ Donegal lobster glazed with cacao pod concentrate & Kari Gosse, carrot & citrus, and aromatic lobster sauce.

The inspector wrote: "My favorite dish of the year was also one of the finest I have ever enjoyed – superb cooking that looked amazing and tasted even better. The lobster tail was wonderfully succulent, with just a hint of smokiness coming through from the barbecue.

"The clever addition of Kari Gosse in the glaze brought a very subtle curried edge and an intense lobster reduction provided further richness. The lemon confit and a few redcurrants cut through this excellently, making it a stunning all-around dish."

At dede, a Turkish restaurant located in Baltimore's Custom House, the memorable dish was Walsh's lamb, Ottoman spiced firik, carrot, gooseberry, kumquat and isot.

"Complexity, depth and superbly blended spices were all present in this exceptional dish. The tender lamb was full of flavor, while the skillfully judged isot pepper sauce elevated it to another level," noted the inspector.

"A smooth carrot purée was topped with a fine slice of kumquat – adding fruitiness and acidity in equal measure – and providing a great contrast to the richness of the sauce. Finishing off the dish was a flavor-packed Ottoman spiced firik, which had been slow-cooked for seven hours."

The new Michelin guide unveiled its Michelin stars for the year, reported RTÉ.

Michelin newly awarded two stars to dede, while Chapter One retained its two Michelin stars.

The editors wrote that "many factors played a part in their choices, from the time of year, the style of restaurant and their geographical location to the history of the establishment and the chef."

You can read about all six of the Michelin inspectors' most memorable dishes for 2022-2023 by clicking here.