This hilarious Reddit thread about mashed potatoes really got people divided.

A delicious discussion has broken out over on Reddit, in June 2019, and it’s making us hungry: are mashed potatoes just Irish guacamole?

Hmm .. not sure our Irish mammies would think so, but let’s hear everyone out!

The Reddit thread kicked off over the weekend when one Reddit user posted this mind-blowing theory:

"Guacamole is Mexican mashed potatoes"

Some Reddit users who claim to be native Irish confirmed the theory about the humble spud:

"As an Irishman I can confirm, we put that's shit on everything"

"As an Irish person, I can confirm this is true"

Others offered their own version theories about Irish and Mexican foods:

"Tortillas are just big soft taytos like"

"Guacamole is mashed green potatoes"

"That means potatoes are Irish avocados"

"Guinness is just irish tequila?"

"Guac O’mole then."

One user went above and beyond to check out the facts:

"Challenge accepted"

Hilarious! No matter which way you spin it, though, surely no one can argue that a heaping scoop of mashed potatoes is one of the best Irish foods around.

*Originally published in June 2019

What do you think - are mashed potatoes just Irish guacamole?! Let us know in the comments!