Cork-based chef Trisha Lewis reveals how to make the perfect mashed potatoes.

The secret, says the Kilbeheny native, is having the perfect amount of water in the pot and never adding cold butter or cream.

Too much water in the pot will make the potatoes wet before serving.

Lewis told RSVP Live: "When you are boiling your potatoes, put about an inch of water less than the top of the pot.

"Therefore, the mash won’t be as wet when you are taking it out. The potatoes don’t need to be covered in water."

When you take the potatoes off the boil, be sure to mash them immediately so they don't begin to get lumpy.

To make a creamy mash, heat up your butter or cream first. If you lower the temperature of the potatoes by adding cold butter or cream, it can cause lumps.

She added: "Mash the potatoes immediately, the colder they get the more lumpy the mash is going to be. If you are adding in your cream and butter, heat them up separately so you are adding in two hot things.

"If you add cold cream to hot mash, that will bring the temperature down and that will create lumps."

Lewis, 33,  is a wellness speaker, author, and influencer. She has documented her remarkable weight loss of over 100 pounds on her Instagram page since 2018.

She is also the author of "Trisha's Transformation," published in 2020 and "Trisha's Transformation: The 21 Day Reset," which was published in June.