At long last - it is now legal to buy and sell Ireland's prized Kerrygold butter in the state of Wisconsin. 

If you're wondering what exactly we're going on about, allow me to refresh you on one of the biggest Irish culinary export stories of 2017: Kerrygold butter was illegal in Wisconsin

According to a state-wide regulation that dates back to 1970, all butter sold in Wisconsin must bear either a federal or Wisconsin grade mark. Kerrygold, which is processed, packaged and graded in Ireland, did not.

While Kerrygold had been sold in the state in the past, authorities began enforcing the law more stringently in recent years, seeing the Irish butter cleared from the supermarket shelves. In early 2017, it emerged that shop owners who broke the law could face $1,000 in fines or up to six months in prison. 

The obscure law dates back to the 1950s but was not enforced in this respect until 2015. 

There were widespread protests, petitions, and even a lawsuit in Wisconsin as fans of the Irish butter saw it disappearing from the shelves. Some even resigned themselves to driving to nearby states such as Nebraska to collect a buttery haul. 

Kerrygold, the best-selling butter in the US, second only to Land O'Lakes, is prized by consumers for its pure taste and quality. Made with milk from grass-fed cows, it is thought to be better for those dealing with high cholesterol and is one of the recommended ingredients for Bulletproof Coffee, the Silicon Valley trend that encourages fans to add a dollop of Kerrygold to their morning coffee.

Ornua, the parent company of Kerrygold, heard the distress of their fans and resolved to do all they could to get Kerrygold back on shelves - even going so far as to file suit when an imitation Irish brand began exporting to Wisconsin. 

Finally, in November the matter was resolved, when Ornua agreed to comply with Wisconsin's special grading test. 

Kerrygold Irish butter returns to stores throughout Wisconsin

— Ornua (@ornua) November 22, 2017

"We would like to thank all who took the time to tell us how much you wanted to see Kerrygold back in stores," a spokesperson said in a statement. "Kerrygold would also like to thank... The state of Wisconsin for their assistance over recent months."

Still, word has been slow to spread, with many people still complaining of the ban on social media. 

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