Kerrygold may be the second most sold butter in the United States but English actress Kate Beckinsale is still going to extreme lengths to ensure she never runs out of the Irish butter.

We don’t need to state the obvious that Kerrygold Irish butter is really the best there is but even we’re not sure we’d go to the same lengths as Kate Beckinsale to ensure we always have some on hand. The English actress has admitted that she always travels with a block of the Irish grass-fed butter to make sure she can include it in her higher-fat diet.

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“I find it quite hard to get a hold of,” Beckinsale told People Magazine.

“If I’m going from one city to another I’ll put some in my suitcase to make sure I have it. I’m the crazy person traveling with butter.”

With the battle in Wisconsin last year after Kerrygold was banned throughout the state, we’re starting to think Beckinsale is on to a winner, especially as she uses it for the health craze that swept the globe over the last few years: Butter-filled coffee.

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“When I did Pearl Harbor they had me on a very strict low-fat diet,” she said.

“I remember my mum coming and visiting me and going, ‘You look so old.’ I was 24 and I had lines on my face because I didn’t have enough fat. And so now, I remember very early on meeting a great nutritionist and they said, ‘One day everyone is going to say don’t eat low-fat margarine or they are going to say eat butter or eat olive oil.’ And it did take quite a long time, but I really noticed if I can eat coconut oil and butter and things like that, obviously in moderation, it makes almost an immediate effect on your skin.”

“I don’t think it is a myth. I think you can see the difference in a week or two.”

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Do you want to try out Kerrygold in a few recipes to see what all the fuss is about? We have some great Irish butter recipes for you to try out on IrishCentral. Kerrygold can be used in your Mac and Cheese, in delicious Irish butter scones, or in chocolate chip cookies. Don’t forget to drop a dab into your morning coffee as well!


Kate Beckinsale attends the 2018 Deauville Talent Award at the 44th Deauville American Film Festival on September 2, 2018, in Deauville, France.Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images