Kerrygold's sweet ad campaign ‘A True Taste of Kerrygold’ highlights Ireland's dairy farmers and countryside that make Irish butter so good

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Kerrygold launched their new 'A True Taste of Kerrygold' ad campaign, in February 2019, which shines a light on the Irish farmers that work tirelessly every day to keep up Kerrygold’s high standard.

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The new ads premiered at a special launch event at the Stella Theatre in Rathmines, Co Dublin this month.

Butter fans are out in force for our preview of ' A True Taste of Kerrygold' global campaign in the beautiful @StellaRathmines#kerrygold

— Kerrygold Ireland (@KerrygoldIRL) February 12, 2019

Each new Kerrygold ad demonstrates the important connection between the Irish countryside and Irish dairy farmers in creating a high-quality Irish product.

Three Irish families feature in the new campaign: The McKenna’s from Monaghan, the Crowley’s from West Cork, and Brian Cleary from Waterford. Each demonstrates a true dedication to their craft, proving that farming isn’t just a job, it’s a passion.

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We especially love ‘The Cream Rises’ video, which shows how generational dairy farming is – watch out for Daithí, who is sure to be a future star farmer!

We managed to sit down with Irish chef Paul Flynn to find out more about his association with Kerrygold. To him, Irish butter was the real standout star of the campaign.

“With this campaign, we’re talking about something that is produced all over Ireland and which is intrinsic to how we cook. I couldn’t imagine being without butter, despite what fashions may come and go."

"People go to restaurants for indulgence, so when I’m cooking in The Tannery [his Co Waterford restaurant], I want to show people what’s good about Irish food and butter is absolutely top of the list there. It’s way more part of us than any other ingredient and I couldn’t imagine ever cooking without it."

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"I’m happy to be here today because I’ve worked with Ornua before and I really support the product. It’s easy to talk about butter because it’s something I use so much and I really love. Irish butter will continue to go from strength to strength, despite what fashions say, because it really is part of us.”

Paul is well known for his stellar cooking at The Tannery, but after watching the Kerrygold commercials, he told us how truly important local produce is to him:

“The new Kerrygold videos made me reflect on the life that I have, as I am very much a part of the food story portrayed in them."

"As much as I love Dublin and big cities, I love going home to Waterford. I especially love how I’m able to drive down the road and visit my suppliers, like the cheesemakers and the man who catches lobsters for us. Having a relationship with your producers creates a real closeness and that is such a lovely and unique thing. It’s a real source of pride for me.”

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Kerrygold’s new campaign will be rolled out globally, reaching a potential audience of 36 million butter lovers, so it looks like our farmers are set to be stars around the world. Head to the Kerrygold website for more details about this new campaign.

Take a peek behind the scenes of Kerrygold's latest ad campaign launch here:

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** Originally published in Feb 2019.