Jameson Irish Whiskey has been named the most-ordered spirit in bars and restaurants in the United States.

A recent report by hospitality platform Union OnPrem Insights studied customers who purchased a spirit on five separate visits to Union venues in 2022. 

The report asked consumers if they would buy the same drink again in a bid to determine the spirit with the strongest brand retention. 

Jameson topped the list, with 48% of respondents stating that they would buy the Irish whiskey again. 

However, the study found that guests were most likely to re-order American whiskeys, with 74% of respondents stating that they would order an American brand of whiskey on their next visit. A total of 65% of guests stated that they would re-order Irish whiskey on a future visit, with 63% of customers stating that they would order Canadian whiskey again. 

Whiskey was found to have an overall retention rate of 53%, far ahead of other spirits. 

Layne Cox, Union’s chief marketing officer, said the study confirmed that whiskey sales thrive in large restaurant and pub settings. 

"By looking at actual guest purchases within Union’s networks, we can see exactly what, and how, customers order whiskey," Cox said in a statement. 

"This data presents a big opportunity for high-volume venues to convert guests who like to try whiskey into guests who will order it more regularly." 

Irish whiskey sales have boomed in the US in recent years, with an astonishing six million nine-liter casks of Irish whiskey sold in America in 2022. equating to $1.4 billion in revenue for Irish distillers. 

Over 21.8 million units of whiskey were sold in the US last year, equating to $570 million in US dollar sales of Irish whiskey, according to NielsenIQ. 

The Irish whiskey industry employs more than 1,700 people in Ireland and directly contributes more than €700 million to the Irish economy.