Potato prices could increase in Ireland due to the prolonged heatwave and short supply of the crop amid the persistently dry conditions.

The Irish Farmers Journal believes that the new season potatoes are expected to suffer wherein Ireland is likely to face a situation where the potato supply cannot meet the demand. Similarly, production costs are expected to increase as a result of the dry conditions.

Potatoes that are already stocked and refrigerated in stores will last until September, according to a recent survey of the spuds, but this still poses a problem. The remaining supply is far from sufficient to meet the demand from packing and peeling markets.

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It's International joke day so I thought I would give you my best shot! Why are potatoes so popular?...

Because they're a-peeling!! #InternationalJokeDay pic.twitter.com/Eqi74jPYwW

— Mr.Tayto Ireland (@MrTaytoIreland) July 1, 2018

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This, however, is no reason for Ireland to result to complete anarchy and rioting on the streets, but we do love our spuds. Be conservative with your spud usage, but no need to set up an ‘end of days’ potato bunker or complain to Mr. Tayto, lads.

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