Move over cheese and onion? After Tayto's massive success with their limited edition spice bag flavor, they've been back in the kitchen to develop two news Irish takeaway-inspired flavors

Tayto, Ireland’s number one crisp brand, has just launched two new limited-edition flavors.

Mr. Tayto is known to have his finger on the pulse of the Irish nation and since the popular launch of Tayto spice bag flavor has been busy in the kitchen developing more delicious Irish-inspired flavor. This time the new flavors are all about Ireland's favorite takeaway treats!

We all know that Irish folks living abroad crave Tayto but a proper chipper treat?! Come on! 

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Here's what the good people of Ireland will have access to for a limited period: 

Tayto hot wings flavor

Tayto hot wings flavor.

Tayto hot wings flavor.

Tayto hot wings flavor crisps... come on! This one’s for the spicy chicken wing lovers looking for full-on flavor, they’ll leave you wanting more…

Tayto curry chip flavor

Tayto curry chip flavor.

Tayto curry chip flavor.

Why a Tayto curry chips flavor? Because sometimes a three-in-one just doesn’t pack the crunch you’re looking for. This one is fuss-free. It’s proper curry sauce, just like yer man in the local chipper does it.

Sound like the crisp flavors for you? If you're living abroad you better get your orders in now! These babies are only available in Ireland and for a limited time. 

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