Your country, your crisps, your flavor. Make sure to have your voice heard on this pivotal Tayto matter.

Mr. Tayto, the national treasure of a spud that is omnipresent in every Irish home, needs you.

The brand have launched a national campaign to help determine their next flavor.

Crisp lovers can now have their say whether they would like to see a 'Sunday Roast', 'Curry Sauce', 'Breakfast Roll', or 'Spice Bag' variation added to the existing offering.

Ahh, Irish cuisine.

Spicebag. Sunday Roast. Curry Sauce. Breakfast
Roll. I need YOU to decide my new flavour. Pop down
South King Street TODAY to taste and vote for your new
favourite flavour. Have a taste and let me know!

— Mr.Tayto Ireland (@MrTaytoIreland) February 26, 2018

Tayto has even manufactured prototypes of these proposed new flavors, which members of the Irish media have willingly tried out.

Read More: Where to find all your favorite Irish food in NYC and beyond writer Gillian Fitzpatrick noted that the Sunday Roast variation was "like something Willy Wonka would have made. There are strong flavours of gravy, stuffing and roast chicken, which is exactly like a full dinner." 

To have your say, you can vote for your desired flavor here.

Tayto previously ran the Irish translations for its flavors on limited edition packets sold in the run up to St. Patrick's Day. However, in news to the ears of Gaelgeoirs everywhere, the company recently revealed that every bag of Tayto will now bear the translations:

Cáise & Oinniúin (Cheese and Onion)

Salainn & Finéagair (Salt and Vinegar)

Bagúin Dheataithe (Smoky Bacon)

Nó Manglaim Cloicheán (Prawn Cocktail)